Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring '09 Issue Welcome

Greetings, MELUS Members!

Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of MELUS NewsNotes-- the online version of our quarterly newsletter for the society. Any member may post additions to this issue by clicking on "comments" and adding his/her information. The editors encourage active participation if you have something to share with the organization; however, they do reserve the right to edit or delete postings that are outside of the MELUS NewsNotes reporting or news mission.

If you have questions feel free to contact Dr. Katharine Rodier, Professor of English & Director of Graduate Studies, Marshall University, 1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington WV 25755-2646, or Dr. Monica GarcĂ­a Brooks, NewsNotes Technical Editor, Marshall University,

If you would prefer to receive NewsNotes in print copy or in another format, please contact Monica. The NewsNotes archive is still located on the main page for the e-publication: or you may click on the months/years provided in our navigational area on the left side of this page.

Best regards,
The NewsNotes Editors


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